it's time get past your limiting beliefs and to step into something bigger!

+ Unpack Speaker Culture & Get out of Your Head
+ Learn the In's & Outs of How to Land Stages 
+ Develop your Stage Flow & Imprint as a Speaker
+ Create Your Media Kit & Speaker Reel
+ And more! 

In this 2.5 day mastermind style event you will take the stage - quite literally, to distinguish, develop, design, and deploy your message with eloquence & courage! 



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your story

+ Unpack your limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck
+ Cultivate your message and where it fits into your mission
+ Learn how to story-tell for effective communication
+ Create community around your podcast
+ And so much more!


This 2.5-day action packed, deep-dive experience is intended to help you clarify, create and cultivate your unique God-gifted voice.



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your voice

+ Begin writing your story with group share and personal writing time
+ Learn the process of proposals and getting your book published
+ Start building content around your book
+ Gain strategies for launching your book and building launch teams
+ And more! 

In a 1-day virtual mastermind type experience, you will leave focused, fulfilled and free to continue your writing journey with new formalities and a clear strategy to execute and launch! (VIP days available too)

YOU HAVE A BOOK WITHIN you! Let’s bring your book to fruition - TOGETHER! 


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your story

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"My biggest value that I took away was in the strategy, the branding and how to bring your podcast to life based on who you are and what you are doing as well as the word you want to get across."

Kristin, the open table podcast

"So grateful that I chose to bring Tamra into this space with me. I literally would not be where I am today without her."

Yasmina, He Made her whole coaching

"I am so thankful because Tamra gracefully held my hand and told me that I could do this. I feel like the possibilities are endless and I didn’t feel that way a few weeks back. I am truly grateful to Tamra! "

Brittany, Online Business Manager

"If you are looking to do a podcast, THIS IS IT! I am blown away by the one-stop shop. This experience that they create helps take this thing that is inside of you and puts it out into the world!"

Anthony, Pastor & pioneer

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I'm Tamra, Tam- ra, like camera! Now that you know how to say my name, we can officially be friends. Thrilled to connect with you and cant wait to get in person! In the mean time, let's get activated!

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