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October 19th - 21st, 2023

It's time to share your story with the world!

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Alongside the many “how not to’s” and investigative conversations with authors who worked with everyone in the industry, including hybrid publishers…I started focusing less on how and more on WHY.

It took me three years, multiple agents and publishers, and two other anthology projects (1 chapter at a time), before I was finally able to figure out the process and make it happen on my own terms.

One of the key freedom factors in bringing it to fruition was multiple writing retreats - to move past the limiting beliefs, past writers block and into the “flow”

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- How-to Tips from multiple authors
- Focused writing time
- Publishing process options
- Book Launch outline plans
- Launch team strategies
- Cover Design Formatting plan
- Book Launch Plan
- Focus Group Feedback 

- Ideation and Group-Share Enhancement
- Book Timelines
- Outlining 
- Framework design
- Proposal overview 
- Content Development 
- Mind Mapping the Story
- Get in Flow Meditations

Because you’re being CALLED to it. 
Because it’s meant to SERVE, FREE, and HEAL others. 
Because it’s a GIFT and LEGACY to the world. 
Because you didn’t WALK through it for nothing.

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Tamra Andress is a human sparkler and top thought leader in spiritual entrepreneurship, an international speaker and 3x best selling author. She’s the founder and chief evangelist of the F.I.T. in Faith Media Company and The FOUNDer Collective - a nonprofit established to catalyze ministers in the marketplace! As an ordained minister she is co-missioned to activate purpose-driven leaders personally and professionally with their broadcasted messages and businesses. She’s an event host to annual conferences (The Founder Con), retreats and business programs that unleash identity and freedom around the world. She has served 1000’s of start-up and growing visionaries by shifting from dream state to purposed & prosperous activation. Her F.I.T. in Faith Podcast is globally ranked in the top .3% of the spirituality and business charts with over 300 interviews of founders, innovators and trailblazers. And her most treasured role is wife and mama - and you will surely never leave her presence without an added measure of joy!

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"It has brought a lot of healing and opened my eyes to other ways that I can help women in my business that are going through the same things,"

- Rachel R.

Meals during our operating retreat hours are covered, generally breakfast and lunch. We are typically complete with our daily schedule before dinner time, but if time extends, we will cover your meal. 

Are meals included? 

This type of retreat normally runs 9-5 Thursday and Friday, and 9-2 on Saturday to allow you to get back home before Sunday if you wish.

What does the schedule look like for this type of retreat?

We have pay in full discounted rates as well as payment plan options. If you need extended payment choices, we offer financing options with a trusted partner.

When and how do I pay for my retreat?

Stay accommodations are not included in your pricing, however, depending on the location of the event, we may stay together as a viable option for an additiional discounted rate or you are welcome to find a location suitable to your travel nearby. Contact for more information.

Are my accommodations included?

Because each retreat is different, we will be sending out emails with things you can do to prepare yourself physically, as well as mentally and spiritually within 30 days of event.

What do I need to do to prepare for my retreat?

Deposit of $999 non-refundable - due to space rental and supplies purchasing. If canceled prior to 45 day window, you will get all other contributions of payment back. If you cancel within a 45 day window, you are able to move your payment to any of our other retreats or programs. 

What is the cancellation policy?

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I'm Tamra, Tam- ra, like camera! Now that you know how to say my name, we can officially be friends. Thrilled to connect with you and cant wait to get in person! In the mean time, let's get activated!

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