We are all

always becoming

Our tests become our testimonies.
Our trials become our triumphs!

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Through a bit a of humor and a healthy dose of humility, vulnerability and rawness, Tamra reminds us all that we haven't yet arrived. We are, in fact, always becoming. And, in that becoming, we're truly alive

j. mcleese

Your eyes will be opened to the secret journey of a woman living in a culture fixated on exterior affirmations, expectations and justifications as she navigates true beauty and true love outside of the lens of a mirror or highlight reel. 

We are complex beings - comprised of a mind, body and soul. Not fixed, ever evolving and always becoming. 

And yet we often ignore or misplace the critical element of spirit, filled with grace, which we desperately need in order to establish the truth of our identity. Through this intimate experience of self-discovery you will learn how to identify the voids and deep desires of your wholeness and establish a life aligned to the one perfect steadfast creator. 

for you if...


you are ready to release the 

hustle culture

you are ready to 

set boundaries

you are ready to 

obliterate shame

you are ready to experience

mental health breakthroughs

You are ready to reclaim 

you body image

you are looking to 

discover your identity

You Are Ready To Remove
Addiction and 

coping mechanism

You Are Ready For Mind,
Body, Spirit


This book is a workout for your soul and will prove to you the

miracle working power

and promises of God,  no matter how bleak your past or present may be!


“YES!!!! Standing over here cheering and doing my best version of a high kick for this book!!! Tamra has walked through the storms of life but that’s the whole point: she walked through them! Sometimes limping, other times crawling but with grit and determination she got through the storms and this book will encourage you to do the same thing! It’s real, raw, you’ll identify, cry, lol, have questions but ultimately get answers! 

This book is a testimony to all of those who find themselves stuck in a “what has been done to me” mindset. Tamra’s tears, confessed moments of shame, and ultimate breakthrough presents such a beautiful path to restoring the identity you were created with. Stealing lyrics straight out of 80’s hip-hop, this book is “about to ruin the image and the style that ya used to”.


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