You have a book within you! You don't know where to start but you are meant to write it. Let’s bring your book to fruition - TOGETHER!

Book writing retreat

Write Your Story

April 20-23, 2023

Join Keynote Speakers Earvin “Magic” Johnson, David Meltzer, Tony DiSilvestro and a fantastic lineup of business-owner speakers for an unforgettable experience designed to move your business forward in order to SCALE!


Business Scaling

april 24-26, 2023

This conference is designed to engage the hearts and minds of men and women in the areas that trigger their life into negative cycles of shame, addiction, sadness, oppression, false sense of self, heart break, broken relationship, and more etc. !

We are taking out the fluff and diving deep into who we really are, what we really CRAVE, and the path to freedom to TRIGGER YOU into the life you were created for... a life full, whole, restored and marked with purpose!

Women and men's conference


may 5-6, 2023

A faith-based personal and professional development experience. Your professional growth and life coaches, Marcus Black, and Ashlee Fay are here to welcome and guide you through a process of transformation from fear to faith, as they provide you with tactical tools and resources to help you grow and achieve your biggest God-Sized dreams.


Embrace Your Ambition

June 1-3, 2023

This 3-day action packed, deep-dive experience is intended to help you clarify, create and cultivate your unique God-gifted voice.


Amplify Your Voice

August 3-5, 2023

This missions and wellness retreat is an immersive experience intended to get you back to the basics [mind, body and HOLY spirit] by heightening your senses to what matters most: your vertical alignment so you can horizontally serve, share and SHINE!

Added missions element alongside Vision Trust!

Women's retreAt

Dominican Republic

september 8-15, 2023

As a movement we empower and equip Kingdom leaders to rest in their identity (their being is a reflection of His being), reunite their brand to the ultimate seal and covering of the blood of Jesus, and rediscover their business mission in the foundation of the Great Commission.


The FOUNDer 

november 9-10

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