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You Get to Be You: There’s Strength in the Waiting – With Sarah Johnson

You doubt your ability. Whether in strength or competence.

I’m not smart enough. I’m not strong enough. I’m not pretty enough, young enough, old enough. I’m not worthy enough. We let this one statement: I’m not enough…dictate and hinder our entire lives.

Are you fighting with Inadequacy in your calling?

Friend, let me tell you now – When God calls you, He equally and abundantly Equips you.

This past year, Sarah and I have seen God act in so many ways. As our provider. As our giver. As our comforter. As our strength. As our beauty from our ashes. As our father. As our friend. Our inadequacies – our weaknesses are made perfect through Him when we allow ourselves to surrender are not enoughs, for his I am Enough.

All that He’s calling you too, you already have the tools in your tool belt. Maybe they are dusty. Maybe you forgot. But it’s time to clean them off…the creativity, the ability, the gifts that you shelved in your life due to your dictation of your worth.

Who you are called to be is already within you – God knows Who you are, because you are His above all things!

What freedom there is in knowing and declaring in your walk that you get to be solely you in every facet of your life. Let’s fight the good fight…for your marriage, for your children, for your friends, for your parents, for your co-workers, for your neighbors, for your community, for the Kingdom…

There is a Godly purpose for your life…let’s shift our mindset and own our today as the opportunity to step into the calling of our lives.


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