We’re All Created as Artists – With Jessica Lorion

Jessica Lorion

Jessica Lorion is here with us to talk about the idea that we are all created as artists.

A breath of fresh air – a temperament and tone you will love! Can’t imagine seeing her on TV, on stage, or film! She’s an advocate for mom and not even a mom – which is SO rad! 

Thank God that he brings people into our sphere to bring joy and Jessica is a joy giver! Even through struggle in her own life, He uses every high and low as a silver lining to thread His goodness and purpose! 

Listen to our podcast together on her podcast too! 

RESOURCE mentioned:

The 5 Love Languages 

God Dream Design Course 

Her Fun Bio: 

An East Coast Girl... I grew up as an only child in Massachusetts where I studied piano, dance, and singing, but I also played soccer. Growing up with musical parents, I loved music and the arts. I was surrounded by it. I always had a passion for helping others, being a leader and organizing; whether it was my trapper-keeper growing up or my NYC apartment. I am also a thrill seeker like skydiving, zip lining and roller coasters.

A True New Yorker… I graduated from Shenandoah Conservatory in 2008, and after 11 years in the city, I’m now an official New Yorker. I live in Astoria with my passionate and loving actor husband, whom I met when I first moved. When I’m not performing, you can find me working out, at a local coffee shop, or spending time with my amazing support system of friends. I have always dreamed of living in the Big Apple and am blessed to call it home.

Always Learning… After taking a fabulous TV/film class by Heidi Marshall- I’ve found a new love for the camera. I have truly found an amazing group of teachers: acting, singing, TV/Film, business coaches…a real TEAM. They have transformed me as an actor and a person. I am learning how to be a mom before I am one- Being a mom is a heroic job and one that I aspire to do one day. Until that day comes, I’m learning everything I can about the job through interviews. Take a listen to @ThePumpingPodcast on iTunes, Spotify and GooglePlay.

Paying it Forward… Teaching, encouraging, and inspiring young artists is important to me. Whenever I can work with kids (whether in private sessions, master classes, judging special competitions, or choreographing high schools), I want to help today’s youth find their passion for performing. My hope is to also show them this business is a true lifestyle.

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Show Notes: We’re All Created as Artists

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