The Motherhood Lens with Jessica Hessels

The Motherhood Lens with Jessica Hessels

Let’s look at life through the lens of motherhood.

So I don’t know about you, but there has never been a more applicable time for us to feel empowered as moms. This quarantine has me a little bananas, a little bonkers some moments, and then other moments feeling like I’m in pure bliss.

And so, the highs and the lows of those experiences I dive deep into with this podcast as we chat with Jessica Hessels, who has The Bad Ass Moms Podcast and blog and community. She’s rad! She’s from Toronto Canada, lives in a different part of the world (not that different) but another country, it’s pretty amazing to hear the like-heartedness that we love to celebrate here.

If you’re a mom and even if you’re not, she has an 8 month old baby. So she’s a newbie in this momma club, but a super incredible in advocating for women and moms and health and wellness in that pursuit of self discovery and self-exploration. Be sure to follow her along and check her out on her podcast!

It’s epic, chat soon.

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Show Notes: The Motherhood Lens

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