The Head of Happiness – with Alice Edgerton

Alice Edgerton

I have a little nugget of info that you can use at the dinner convo today – the #1 current google word right now…can you guess? 


Could you use a little more happy right now? How about joy? How about unspeakable joy? That is surely what I want! 

So today’s podcast guest gave us this insight and instead of just leaving us dry she talked to us about fulfillment and she has a ministry called Fulfilled After 50 and y’all know I’m not 50, but I’m totally touched and enamored by everything you said! 

You have to tune in if you’re a mom or not a mom. If you’re a health advocate or  not. Or a 9 to 5’er or in the grind of the American Dream. I think you should tune in if you’re in the beginning stages of something new, middle or end of something new. If you’re in a place of burnout, depression or anxiety or overwhelm. Fulfillment!

Fulfillment that Alice shares about that begins from within. And she unpacked the most beautiful 5 things that you can do right now today to seek and find that joy. That happiness that so many people want. And guess what? It’s so achievable! It’s taking it back to the basics! 

These 5 things are filled with so much good stuff and it doesn’t matter if fulfilled after 50 is your mantra or not, they are 100% applicable to her millennial children (that’s some of you!) and our own littles we are raising right now. It touched my soul!

The quick token of advice it starts from within, it starts in the head. Stay tuned…she blew my mind. It felt like she was on stage and I know in my heart of hearts He is getting the glory out of this one! 


Guest Bio:

Alice Edgerton is a life coach to the midlife woman who is searching for the calling God already has placed in her but cannot pull it out. She leads women in this season of life through a community of other Christian women who share their life experiences, encouragement as we fill each other’s buckets up.

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Show Notes: The Head of Happiness

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