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Rise From Response: Learning to Let Go When You Want To Hold On – With Yasmina Prosser

We don’t often take the pause in life that we need; even when all of the signs are pointing to burn out or break down. But sometimes, the pause is needed even during a time of celebration and goodness. Simply to relish in gratitude and peace.

People perceive pause as a problem, when they should see it as a purpose.

We often create what is Man-made – but what about when something is God made? It’s miraculous. It’s undeniably unique. It’s breath taking. It’s foundational and transformational. But without listening, waiting, pausing, we will miss it at the pace we are going. Constantly hustling.

If we respond, act or deliver out of hustle vs heart we create a “me-centric” mission instead of a God-centered calling. If we are constantly desperate for what man has, we will lose sight of the greater love, access and peace that God has.

Today’s episode with Yasmina Prosser felt like a purpose God pause. A time to reflect and restore. Her mission and heart for women is in identity, authority and freedom. Her testimony is interwoven with each piece, in only a way that God could use for beauty.

Don’t settle for your what is good, settle for what is God. Seek Him and wait to move. Your pause may unveil your purpose.

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