Remodeling Your Interior: Relationships, Church and Motherhood Truths – With Dana Che Williams

motherhoodHere is a motherhood truth you need to know.

Our lives are full of reconstruction – we are a constant construction zone. Every day, in fact, we see warning signs of catastrophes waiting to happen. Heavy machinery being operated even without a license.

Think about it for a minute – Our bodies, our minds, even our spirits – we are still comprehending how we operate and yet we attempt to do so at supersonic speeds and ultimately we want the exterior to be picture-perfect, just like the starting magazine clipping we are getting our influence from for our renovation or remodel.

We delicately pick out all of the fine details, all the way down to the style of the trim and crown molding…meanwhile…have we figured out HOW we are going to pay for it, HOW it’s going to blend with the rest of the choices, HOW we are even going to like it 5, 10, 20 years from now.

Do we take the same caution, time, and precision with our hearts or with raising our children or growing our marriages? Let alone the conversation around how delicately we design our spiritual lives…

I’m tired of living in the chaos of a construction zone…and I think today’s guest is too. In fact, I know she is. And I so love that this concept so beautifully weaved through the entire message about motherhood. I want to stop trying to take the reigns and title of the general contractor and let God do the construction in my life.

God…may our lives be designed in your will and your way, in your timing and your architectural plan…may we recognize the caution signs and not just slap on an exterior fix, but instead take the time to carefully construct the foundations of our lives.

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Show Notes: Motherhood Truths

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