Radical Grace: Learning To Lay It All Down – With Jess Lynne Black

radical graceLet’s talk about radical grace.

I need you to catch this – “Life isn’t happening to us it’s happening for us.” We have to come into recognition of purpose and plan. To take an aerial view on our lives instead of a front-driver placement of control in our problems and even in our blessings. We are not in control!

It is by our surrender that we begin to live life in abundance. Realizing that God gives us the grace we need for each and every day.

Do you know this stuff? Have you heard about it before? Do I sound like a broken record?

I still think even in redundancy it is necessary for us to unlearn, daily laying it all down. With fresh eyes, he will reveal newness to you just as he did continually and still does to today’s beautiful guest. Jess Lynne is being used as an expressive voice for the Kingdom, displaying the understanding of Radical Grace within her life and the relationships she leads. She just touches the service of her personal testimony here so absolutely go follow her and learn the depths of her why and how she’s living an e. lifestyle.

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Show Notes: Radical Grace

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