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Quality Ladies calling all Quality Lady’s: Sisters Who Worship – With The Roy3ls

These sisters are a part of a traveling RV caravan around the country with their 10 siblings and parents. They are also musicians who have created a band with the call of women to be Quality Ladies – of ultimately standing in our identities of Royal Daughters of the King.

They each have their own story that make them who they are individually, which truly blends into a beautiful representation of the heart of the Father. You will love listening to their backgrounds and their hearts towards their call.

Destini Rose

Faith Ann Marie

Stefanie Lynn

Also their new song Quality Lady launches February 21st! So go download that now too!

“ROY3LS: BY BLOOD! This statement contains a significant depth of meaning that surpasses the literal fact that they are sisters.  This trio seeks to connect with people at a much deeper level, and aims to create music that penetrates the mindsets and paradigms of culture, religion, and social barriers.  Each song seeks to uncover those places, moments, and mindsets of our lives that hold us hostage, and limits our God-given potential to be all we were created to become through the sacrafice of Christ.  This is why we are ROY3LS: By blood!”

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