Practice the JUST THIS Strategy with Carmen Ohling

just this strategy
Carmen Ohling

Today we are going to hear about the Just This Strategy.

This podcast was so fun. I discovered a pseudo replica of myself that lives on the other side of the United States. Like twins separated at birth and now our paths are being led back to a beautiful place outside of the country.

I’m going to declare this right now. Carmen Ohling, Todays guest, will be in Tulum, Mexico together one day! And no I’m not being prophetic, I just hope Carmen comes on the upcoming retreat happening in February for all of us – YES you’re invited. It’s going to be epic for personal and professional growth in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. You should totally put it on your calendar and come. You can check it out right now and book your stay for a new year getaway. I’m also proclaiming that all this hoopla with covid will be clear and well be able to not even wear masks on the airplane. Just dreaming over here…

Anyway, back to THIS, we talk about our health, nutrition, coaching, transformations and so much more. We unpacked our ability or honestly the lack there of to do #allthethings and how necessary it is for us to do The one Thing – or as Carmen so elegantly proclaims it – having the “JUST this” mentality. Ya’ll if you get nothing else out of this episode – you’ve got to catch this.

What if we could be fully present doing “JUST THIS” right now.


Carmen Ohling is a mentor to high achieving women, a holistic nutritionist, and transformational speaker. Carmen’s mentorship programs and in-person events allow women to discover, learn and grow, while making lasting life changes. Carmen has a unique ability to connect with diverse audiences and inspire them to take action so they can become obsessed with their own lives. She is as sought-after thought leader, serves as one of the top experts on Fox21 News and Living Local, and is the host of The Permission Slip Podcast.

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Show Notes: The Just This Strategy

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