Transform Don’t Conform: The Power of Surrender – With Ebony Williams

power of surrenderToday I talked with Ebony Williams about the power of surrender. It’s the holidays…everything is in abundance…I know even in just the last weekend, I have over-indulged too much. What if we switched our mindset…if we adjusted our concept of “need” and turned this season into one of obedience.

No, I’m not legalistic, trying to strip away all the fun and joy…even your sweet peppermint and chocolate delights…simply asking you to take a step towards positive transformation…which is exactly what today’s guest has done in the larger scheme of life.

Ebony shares about her own life transformation, both in relationship, health, and overall mental wellness. She has walked out a subtle process of surrendering…and believe me when I tell you…it was much more than a diet shift. It was a full life variation in life approach. And I’m already seeing the fruits of the spirit blossom as a bystander to her choice in having God direct her compass instead of herself adjustment.

I hope she blesses your holiday season with her naturally instinctive joy!

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Show Notes: Power of Surrender

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