Playing God’s Field with NFL Scotty McGee

Scotty McGee

Today we have an NFL player on the podcast – previous NFL player. But I love above all things when I asked him about himself and I asked for his bio, that the first thing that came out was his sonship. His knowing that he knows that he knows that God is the realm of his identity. Messiah over everything – it’s not only a business through his clothing design but it’s also his heartbeat. And football was an incredible stepping stone in that journey. He played at James Madison, Go Duke Dogs, That’s kinda cool….I’m not that awesome to know a professional NFL player, but I do and I’m pumped.

I’m so grateful that he agreed to come on and share. And it’s not just about where he’s been or even where he’s going but it’s about the God line, the blood line. The connectivity of him and I as a brother and a sister speaking into this conversation about racial divide. To be a representation of the heartbeat of God alongside Scotty simply in the image of us in the image of US together, shows the depth and value and true color, beyond the color of skin, of heaven. So I hope todays podcast meets you, greets you, I hope that it inspires you and activates you. You know I’m an activator. And his story a nd the components of it the hard points, the high points, it’s one for the books and I’m prophetically speaking that it will be in a book before long. And you guys have to hear the incredible journey he’s been on in just the last couple weeks after his 8th surgery!

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Show Notes: Playing God’s Field

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