From the Pit to the Palace, Using Pain for Purpose, with Ashton Cantou

Ashton Cantu

God can use your pain for purpose, and that is what we are talking about today with Ashton Cantu.

Holy Moly you guys! Today’s episode had me on the edge of my seat and just SO Joyful on how God does so much within his daughters and sons that ignites fires in other people because He’s blowing on embers and if you get close enough there is no way you can’t catch fire!

And today, with Ashton Cantu, our guest, she just lit me up. I left on such a high and I was so grateful I started my day that way. You guys, she came from a place of pain. And you’ve heard it said before that God will use your pain for purpose. And she doesn’t like tag lines or catch-phrase but this is exactly what He’s done in her life and just like He’s done in mine, just like He’s done in so many other women who walk in purpose…knowing that their identity is not based in the place of pain or the story line of their history, but instead in the identity of our Father.

She talks all around what it is that she walked through and how ultimately it was the fall, the pit, the place (actually happened multiple times) multiple rock bottoms, that she realized Jesus shows up for her. And He just continued to offer promotion after promotion after promotion in her life both personally and professionally, which you’ll get to hear all about her entrepreneurial journey and how that became to be.

She has two things she wants us to take away, but honestly there are 1000 things. But two things you’re about to have goods on is:

  1. To dismantle the lies. The lies that have been cultivated time and time again in our own lives form deep roots and things that ultimately shouldn’t be there. She’s going to tell you how she got past them and how you can too.
  2. Creating community and doing this thing, this walk, this life, this purpose drive joy-filled life with others and just like God is a community cultivator and lover, Kingdom maker…that’s the whole reason He didn’t just leave Adam alone to roam the earth. Even in His animals and plants and everything that exists…so to know that there is a support system and you don’t have to do this thing alone. So Ashton and I have partnered in that process to just be here and walk this out with you.

You can do this with, through and by Him. You can establish your business with His roots and His identity and how you will flourish in submission. And you will flourish by accepting His love, but also learning to give it.

I hope you are blessed by this episode!! And tune in to the joy that Ashton brings and the programs that we both are launching are all around this…so enjoy!


Ashton Cantou is a Transformational Life Coach, Leadership Coach, and Speaker. It is her absolute mission to help people thrive. The heart of her work is servant leadership. She lives to be a woman of God,  a vessel for truth, and an example of what’s possible. In essence, Ashton is committed to expanding her capacity to receive and hold joy, love, abundance, prosperity, and success as she inspires and help others to do the same!

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Show Notes: From the Pit to the Palace, Using Pain for Purpose

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