No Matter The Event, Glow-Get Em’ with Glow Getter Cammie Petty Palmer

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Cammie Palmer

Woot woot who doesn’t love a glow getter? It’s the whole reason this show exists. Y’all light is foundational…I could go on an entire rant right now about this…God made light…you know the shtick, but did you also know that when we were conceived the reaction within us actually causes a microscopic light?! Ah I just love this and totally why I wanted to start this episode sharing about the light that’s emitted through all of us every single day…

Cammie Petty Palmer, today’s lovely mama multi-preneur. Ohh I like the way that sounds…I might have to pick that up in my bio. SHE IS A GLOW GETTER – a light chaser. Anyway, she Stared out in 2010 with a wedding planning business and Then shortly after, she pivoted, before pivoting was a coined Covid term, into developing a creative rental business. During that development she hit a rough patch in her personal life – don’t you love a good reminder that God’s blessings exist RIGHT THERE in the mist of what we think is impossible and hard.

I’ll let you hear the full story of Cammie’s hardship, but for quick dissection, it deals with abuse, divorce, consideration of abortion, a solo-parenting journey, newly dating as a mom, and warning signs on your body. Meanwhile, she started turning her side hustle businesses into a full time business instead of working for others. It goes to show that what you may see on the outside isn’t always what’s happening on the inside. So please give others grace.

Cammie was a breath of fresh air and truly dove deep. I’ll be honest, I was caught off guard because we had worked together professionally previously. Again…don’t just a book by its cover y’all.

Cammie, I’m amazed that all you’ve been able to cultivate and grateful to have that time of dissection and development with you and keeping connected to WHO And WHOSE we are, and letting go of the hustle and owning the joys of operating within our passion through the passion giver.

Intro from Cammie:

Hi there, friend! My name is Cam Petty Palmer – I’m a mom, business owner, and serial entrepreneur dedicated to helping you grow in your personal and professional life through my new educational course, the Rental Biz Academy! I began my rental business, Beautiful Event Rentals, in 2012 located in Dallas, Texas. As an entrepreneur constantly curating new business ideas, I’ve navigated the ups and downs of the event and rental industry, and I’m ready to share all I have to offer with you!

Connect with Cammie Petty Palmer:

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