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Live More Skillfully: Mindful Breath Work – With Jacqueline Weisberg, Empowered Mind Wellness

We have breathe. Given to us at inception. Gifted to us at the beginning of time. And yet we subconsciously take advantage of its function, it’s existence and our control and lack there of around every inhale and exhale.

Y’all know I practice gratitude and daily thank God for the gift of this day, but I have to be honest, I’m not often thanking God for my breath. Even when my health is my thankful prayer. my breath has been passed by YET It starts there.

Our breath leads to our voice which leads to our life’s testimony. If we can’t dissect this function and our ability to listen to our inner landscape, we discredit it’s existence and therefore leaving us ultimately lifeless in our breath.

Think about that? A lifeless breath. Makes me think of a corpse, which leads me to the vision of the valley of dry bones.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be in that place ever again. And so I’m motivated by today’s guest to focus in on something that has become habitually inexistent in my practice.

So many things can motivate you to become aware of your attachment to your breath and your purpose within that breath – Jacqueline described it as  Awareness cultivation – A process of dismantling our ego and coming into our breath and body for self improvement finding purpose in our placement here.

This is so good…be prepared to desire cognitive breathing and meditation in the life that we so often live in speed. Slow down with us today…and just breathe.


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Until next time…Prayers towards your health and happiness.

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