Live Fearlessly: BadA** Boutique Business Babe – With Tatiana Hill

live fearlesslyWe all have limiting beliefs. We all know what it’s like to be anxious. We all have experienced failure. We all tell ourselves stories that are only figments of our own imagination, not the actual truth.

Where, when, and how in all of those mental and emotional struggles do we find the time stand up, get off the cyclical rat wheel, get a little brave and face our fears?

Today’s guest is a rock star. She’s a business babe with her own awesome clothing boutique, but even greater than that, she’s a voice in our community teaching us by action and through her words that we can all live fearlessly!

After our conversation, I feel empowered to go home and hug my hubby, kiss my babes, take some time out for myself, better my ministry, and go for a run. Yes, I got all of that motivation in 1 hour.


Whether in marriage, motherhood, girlfriends, business, or just being our own advocate for our relationship with our self – Tatiana speaks with wisdom and boldness in giving us each the freedom to soar above what has previously taken us down.


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Show Notes: Live Fearlessly


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