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Let FLOW Find You: Fun, Fitness, & Freedom – With Jeannie Chamberlin Landis

If you think about your most desired state of being, the place you feel most at peace, most joyful, most healthy, most whole – the word flow may be furthest from your descriptive words – but I believe as a whole, it’s exactly what we are all craving.

A space to feel fluent. Freedom to move at will without restriction or hesitation. A mindset towards ultimate peace. A practice of movement towards playfulness. It’s quality vs quantity. It’s an intentional pace – even in our rest. It’s an artistic way of being, even if you don’t consider yourself artsy. It’s a healthy, unmedicated altered state of conscious.

Flow is so much more than fitness. It’s a way of life. It’s the place as an individual we express ourself most freely.

Don’t you want to be free? Stop searching so hard and let flow find you.


Today’s Guest:

Jeannie Chamberlin Landis is a Life Coach centered on helping you find your flow. Perhaps in fitness, nutrition, mental health, business or so much more…her insight into her journey of discovery of Flow carries a beautiful light-weighted sense of peace, while also challenging us to actively pursue our best sense of self.


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Until next time…Prayers towards your health and happiness.


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