Just Start, Activate Your Dream with Melody Durate

Melody Durate

Alright, I have a question. I need you to be honest with me. But more importantly I need you to be honest with yourself.

Are you sitting?

Are you waiting?

Are you dreaming?

Are you hoping?

Are you praying?

Over something you’ve never actually activated or moved the needle on?

Not even taken one step toward the direction of the place you want to go?

Well, today is going to be the day you stop sitting, stop only hoping, stop only praying (because I want you to keep praying of course) and really move the idea closer to reach,  bring the dream closer to fruition…by activating the dream not by taking the God Dream Design Course, though that would absolutely get you in the right direction. It’s a great way to start and you know you can find it under the course section of my website. https://tamraandress.com/root-your-wings-course/

But this about Just Starting, on your own timing, your own terms, just like Melody did. She’s a beautiful inspiration in that regard. I love that she didn’t have all the critical pieces lined up, that all the answers weren’t gifted to her. But she took everything that she’s done in the past and she put it on a plate and she said “ooh this looks yummy” and she took advantage of it and she started to eat. Y’all we could sit and look at the meal and hope and pray its delicious, but if you never take the first bite, what’s the point right? Why even sit down at the table?

Yet, God invites you to sit down at every table he communes with and he wants you to enjoy the nourishment of the calling. So I hope you feel called and pulled just the way she has been formulating her own thing. The meal still sits at your table to enjoy, you know where to find me and I’d love to help activate that dream and I know Melody would too!

Just start

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Show Notes: Just Start, Activate Your Dream

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