Innovate Your Life – with Shawna Lum

innovate your life
Shawna Lum

Today I am talking With Shawna Lum about how to innovate your life.

I so love unpacking the adventure of other people.  Mainly because I feel like I’m living vicariously through them, but also because it ignites me to GO! Literally and figuratively!

And today’s guest, Shawna Lum, is such a GO getter, that she even moved across the world, multiple times in fact, in order to pursue what God has ahead of her.

You all know the people on social media that appear to be living their best life in another country, traveling, experiencing, and snapping amazing photos along the way…though of course, not in intent cause FOMO or comparison, but instead with intent to help you innovate your own life to be the best version of what is promised…?

Well, that’s our girl today. She’s a beautiful blend of reflective and energetic.

Running from perfectionism. Chasing joy! But also living the entrepreneurial dream outside of the umbrella of the American Dream.

You all are going to be blessed by today’s beautiful worldly conversation.

Tune in and LET’s get innovating our lives today.


Hey I am Shawna! After a crazy neck injury a year and a half ago I had to stop the office job and really focus on healing! Since then I have had  the blessing to  create an agency specializing in web design and getting your messaging right! I also am a social media manager! I help business owners and entrepreneurs who don’t have time to:

💻 Build a professional, modern and responsive website or

💻Redesign their site

📱Manage Social platforms – IG, FB or Linkedin curated posts,

📱get their messaging and captions right on Social Media.. aside from work I love snowboarding, swimming, dancing and giving a helping hand. Excited to be a part of the show!

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Show Notes: Innovate Your Life

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