Heart & Sole; Two journeys one mission – With Kathryn Benko & Chelsea (Allegra) Hollis

Today’s podcast has two shared heartbeats that have blended together into one mission and emerged into a podcast of their own. The Heart & Sole Podcast (spelt SOLE like the shoe instead of your traditional first emotional soul response brings together women around fitness and the concept of shameless living). Kathryn and Chelsea, the two show hosts and pursuers of their own expansive passions are joining us today as we dive deeper into their personal testimonies and exciting entrepreneurial journeys.


Kathryn is the owner and the head trainer and community builder of the Sole Fitness health experience and Chelsea is a ridiculously talented photographer. Both live in Wilmington VA! Which you may remember I just visited and hosted my girl @jenna on the recent podcast about her cancer story. I don’t know what God is doing but that neck of the country is surely breeding some BEAUTIES at a deep sole level – pun fully intended.

These two talents have calming yet vibrant stories that allow you to feel truly comfortable in your own skin. To the point that when recorded my chat with them for their podcast I was a bit of a blubbering mess.

I hope you’ll jump over to their podcast and subscribe and review just like you will this one – as it is truly cut from the same Jesus cloth!

Their Podcast Together! Heart & Sole Podcast


Kathryn Benko






Chelsea Allegra Hollis




Show Notes: Two Journeys, One Mission

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