A Gem Beyond the Gym: The Journey of Her 8-Pack – With Natalie Kimball

gymDo you ever meet someone and just know it was so universally intended for you to collide?

Today’s podcast guest was surely one of those people.

She came to the table or mic, whatever you want to call it, with such positive energy, and yet even in her bubbly spirit, she was calm and collected. She had this eloquence about her – and was just comfortable in her own skin. Which is pretty crazy to say for someone who has never been on a Podcast before. But at the end of the day…though I don’t think I’ve ever actually drunk coffee while hosting a podcast show…it’s truly just a coffee conversation between friends…or in this case…strangers. And as I learned more about her, I found out, like me…she didn’t start out that comfortable in who she is. It was a journey.

I hope above all of the things you gather in this educational episode around your mental and physical well-being, that you would know that you hold the power to change. That your pace determines your success in your health just as much as it does in your professional and personal life. And girl, I’m right alongside you in doing the head nod “Yeah, Yeah” response to that concept. I’m guilty as charged with living a fast-paced life. But the key to this lesson is intentionality in our strategy, without comparison to anyone else. Your rest, your pace, your body, your mind…they aren’t mine. And for that, you’re lucky, because I didn’t get a wink of sleep last night after my wheels spinning a million miles a minute from 3am on.

So sis…look in your own mirror. Go to the gym just for you. Don’t self-criticize. Don’t compare. Don’t inhibit yourself before you start. Start imperfectly. And realize, that each step is another shine in your own gemstone.

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Show Notes: Get to the Gym

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