Real Strong, Real Life, Real Moms: Get Fit – With Melanie Lund

get fitIt’s a New year! And I am so pumped to be back at it with our weekly episodes. On the other hand, I’m tired ALREADY of hearing about new years resolutions and I’d place a heavy bet on the fact that you are too.

I’m hoping you will join me in this incredible conversation with another believer in the fact that we are over here just trying to live life well…and our health goals and our weight goals and our diet goals and our strength goals don’t have to be the only thing that gets our attention in the new year. Not to mention…our entire purpose is in longevity.

Don’t we all know since childhood slow and steady wins the race? No quick fix can get you where you want to go…instead, pairing mindset, health, wholeness, spirituality, emotional well being and beyond will get you into the ultimate place of balance.

So let’s not focus on the date, the year, the time frame, but instead on the desire, while living our REAL life with our REAL schedule and our REAL situations.

Tune in with Melanie and be sure to check out her free online FB community where she is currently rocking a 6 week program. It’s never too late to jump in. Check her out at REAL strong Mom on Fb and Melanie


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Show Notes: Real Moms Get Fit

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