Get Back Up: From Drop Out To Doctorate – With Michelle Marie Lappin

We all have trials. Stories that we hold close or even hide. The ones that make us who we are, even if that “who” is a broken little girl trying to live in a big girl world.

Our pasts are the puzzle pieces we need to find beneath the couch, dust off, own and utilize to complete the whole picture. Without them, you are discontent with the wholeness of who you are because you are lacking clarity on the full picture of your purpose.

Today’s Guest:

Success coach, Michelle Lappin, has used the puzzle pieces of her own life to discover her God Intended plan, but it wasn’t an easy journey. Honestly, is it ever?

Tune in to see how this extraordinary woman went From high school dropout to doctorate, with a 10 year military service in between. Her coaching message today: Get back up.


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Show Notes: Get Back Up


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