Generational Heavy Lifting around Ethnicity with Sabrina Hoggard

Sabrina Hoggard

Hey podcast fam – coming to you stronger today, more buff! And I am grateful for the difficulty that comes into play when we lift heavy things. 

Today’s conversation about ethnicity is with someone who I love and admire. She is a health and wellness specialist both in the kitchen and the gym. And if you check out her arms by viewing the live version of this on Facebook or Youtube which happens a couple weeks before you hear it here, you will see the guns that I’m talking about! 

However we did a bit of lifting in a different way. This was lifting our understandings, this was lifting our eyes, this was lifting veils, this was lifting away heavy understandings that didn’t serve purpose. It was lifting and carrying away bricks and I am praying that the ears that listen to this will truly comprehend the depth and heaviness of this conversation with fresh eyes and with fresh ears in a new way, so you will hear this conversation in a new way. So the conversations happening around equality, ethnicity, racial discriminations, that there are so many more layers than the deepest social media posts and even our own generation can understand.

But here we are…doing the heavy lifting. And I am honored to stand beside Sabrina Hoggard today and any day as a sister, as a friend, as a fellow mama, as an inspirer, as a voice, as someone who sharpens me and I know and am hopeful that you will feel sharpened by her in the utmost beautiful ways. She does it tactfully, gracefully and through the lens of God himself. I hope today’s episode blesses you. I hope you learn something. I hope you take something. And I hope you put something down.

And I was told recently you have to unlearn to relearn, and I feel like that’s exactly what I did here for this conversation, in the preparation prior to and the simmering and lamentation afterward. So be blessed friend.  

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Show Notes: Generational Heavy Lifting Around Ethnicity

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