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From Wrecked To Restored: A Marriage Story of Faithfulness and Obedience – with Erin and David Jeffrey of Family Fit Ministries

This message is timely. This message it precious. This message is needed today more than ever. As I see the memes about babies being born after this quarantine which makes me chuckle, because quite frankly I have NO added privacy or time to be shin-digging with my hubby, so lucky on them.

But constrastly, I’ve also seen the memes about the divorce rate increase because of proximity, and that saddens me. Relationships are hard y’all. I know firsthand. My thunderstorm, beach wedding, has prophetic messaging with the rain and the wind, but it also had a rainbow theme…which you know means an answered promise.

This families story of truth and relationship is real, raw, beautiful and touching. It had me in tears on the live y’all and I’m pretty good at keeping my stage face there so you know that it ran deep.

If you are missing something in your relationship.

If you have had a traumatic history and think there isn’t any chance.

If you are feeling isolated in your marriage.

If you don’t want to see your kids walk through a divorce, but it’s been lingering.

This is a story of hope and resilience, but more than anything it’s a story of obedience – and that is such a key component of marriage as a whole.


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