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Family Foundations During a Critical Time of Quarantine – With Kati Evans with Family Conversations

Family is foundational and so often as busy claims are normal, we forget the amazing opportunity we have to truly get to know the inner workings of our children’s gentle hearts and creative brains.

During this pandemic and Quarantine time, we’ve started practicing more regularly on practicing dedicated time for gratitude, self-reflection and deep exploration on the WHO of each of our family members. It’s so fun to get to know my 5 and 6 year old in a new way – especially with this forever treasured journal that Kait has created! 

But this is no new experience for Kati and her family. She has decades of journals from her homeschooling and raising her 4 children and Rv’ing around the country. Learn more about her mama heart, how she’s cultivated a trusting, open environment to express and share. And how this would be the perfect time to grasp hold of TIME and create memories.


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