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Educating Our Mind: Occupational Therapy Meets Psychology – With Catherine Divaris, Mind Potential

I feel mind-blown by this podcast. If you’ve ever tuned in you know I usually want all the juicy details about the who, what, where, when, why…but for some reason this one skipped a few traditional steps and I’m totally ok with the surprise of what it turned out to be.

I felt like I totally got schooled in understanding how humans operate, relate, feel and learn. Catherine is bringing something brand new from her mentor in South Africa to the United States. We are literally the first community to have access to this incredible program and she lives right here in Hampton Roads.

After even just 45 minutes of unpacking her knowledge, I left amazed and excited to share it with others and also to dissect myself into a deeper understanding of WHO I am. Ultimately when we can figure that out…we’ve got the keys to the universe when it comes to maximizing our purpose.

Enjoy Catherine Divairs and go follow along with her journey too.



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