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Dream Catcher Creative: An Author’s Story – With Amy Harris

Y’all she is nothing less than the exact title here.


She’s had a dream catcher in her mind since she was little girl and now it’s tattooed on her arm and all over Amazon too! Day by day, year by year, creativity by creativity, she has cultivated a master piece in more ways than one.


Her Dream Catcher children’s book is an incredible read to your kiddos and honestly as an adult too. One of those messages that snap deep into your soul and as a fellow dreamer I desperately want to instill it’s soul into my kiddos.


I could go on for days about her different avenues of beauty, she’s a singer song writer, worshipper and author of more books to come…


One way or another – you must get to know her!





Dreamcatcher Book Link:



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Until next time…Prayers towards your joy, health, wealth and wholeness.


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