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Don’t Ignore The Problem: Be the Change – with Brenda Cornwell

Have you ever sat down and interviewed someone really close to you? Someone who you think you know through and through…and when you do you are surprised by their responses and feedback?

Well I got the chance…and she was absolutely a nervous wreck…but she showed up and showed out even against her comfortability to change lives and open eyes and hearts because she’s going through a transformational time and she’s seeing how powerful vulnerability is at the end of the day.

We’re a little echoey because we are in a hotel lobby at the largest conference either of us had ever been too and I couldn’t lose the opportunity to sit down with someone who means the world to me…someone who is engrained in who I am and who I’ve become.

My mom is the sweetest heart, with a testimony that will leave your jaw dropped. Sharing vulnerably for the first time ever, she uncovers pieces of the who in who she is, the why in why she is and the where it all came from. There is so much more to the story…and I have no doubt you’ll continue to hear it unfold…but I wanted to still give others the opportunity to listen.


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Until next time…Prayers towards your health and happiness.

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