Discovering His Purpose with Tessa Hopman

Tessa Hopman

An episode with another kingdom shaker to speak life into you and has helped cultivate an experience that will help serve women and men to connecting heartbeats around the world. This is a global conversation and so often we feel rooted and stuck in just the American mindset and yet there are other people in the world that God is stewarding, stirring and serving in such a way that connects us and unifies His kingdom under heaven.

Today’s guest is a career and results coach for Christian women. So obviously I love her because we have that purpose driven mindset and that desire to bring passions out in women across the globe, but she’s also bringing together a communication and conversation around Discovering His purpose; living a life of faith and fulfillment.  Men and women are coming to the table to share and shed light on what it is that God speaks to them and how they are activating that into the world. You too, are a part of this conversation To learn from other incredible voices. Her business is called the Vine Dresser; you too are being pruned and you to have an opportunity to tended to and cared for and ultimately God is cultivating and I hope through the God Dream Design Course I can help activate those dreams.

His heart and these voices are crossing oceans!

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Show Notes: Discovering His Purpose

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