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Dancing into Wellness: Activating Children to Be Healthy – With Scott Williams

Ok…so I was recently at an event where the guest of honor would totally call you out if you yawned and you weren’t actively engaged in what they were sharing.

You know those moments where someone is talking to you looking at your dead into the sockets of your soul and you’re doing all that you can to keep the yawn in without opening your mouth?  Your eyes start to water and your lips purse in order to inhibit the awkward mouth wide open “see food” experience.

Well luckily, we were in an audience of 6000 so the one on one awkwardness wasn’t there, but regardless if you were caught in the action she would stop absolutely everything, even in the middle of the sentence, and make every single person stand up and dance…by yelling 5, 4, 3, 2,1….you knew exactly what had happened and the music would blare.

Ya’ll it’s Wednesday afternoon and it’s been a week already…and I think we need this right now….are you ready…5, 4, 3, 2, 1

**Insert Your personal dance party.

I realllllly hope you just had your own personal dance party. And if you didn’t…rewind 15 seconds and try again!

Ok…so this was Rachel Hollis’s tactic, and surprise element of what song would be played or when it would happen left us on the edge our seats…ultimately…not yawning!

How does this relate…where am I going. I promise I have a plan and I’m not chasing you down a rabbit hole. Today’s guest is a fellow dancer. And I mean danSIR. But I’m not going to a elaborate…you’ll have to listen. He is pretty stellar and my kiddos think so too. Yes, I said HE. Yes, I said he dances. And Yes, my kids are a fan. And no, he’s not Beyonce’s hubby, but I think she’d give him mad props for what he’s doing. And I’m pretty liked about it too.

This is going to be a nation wide thing..I know it…check out the show notes for the link to watch him first hand too!

Ok…now to get into the details…enjoy.


Watch Scott here with the Dansirs:


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Until next time…Prayers towards your health and happiness.

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