Dance into Your God Dream with Joel Casanova

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Joel Casanova

Today, we are talking God dreams.

Just thinking about today’s guest, I immediately wanted to dance, because he’s an inspirer and a supernova when it comes to dancing and moving his body in a way that I didn’t know was possible. He looks like a combination of gumby meets a Disney princess meet the best Chris Brown and Michael Jackson impersonation you could imagine. Not only do you have to hear him speak today, you have to go check out all of his experiences online via Youtube, Instagram or wherever!

He has been on a stage as a performing artist. He has his own dance company called Beat Hunter Dance and is also my son’s dance coach, even through Covid. But his connection with Jesus supersedes all of the goodness. It’s in his logo, his heart, and his voice and truly Jesus proceeds him when he walks into a room.

I was honored and touched by our time with diving deeper into the calling into His life and the activation which he has propelled by saying yes to his God dream. The same type of God dream that you too may have stewing and brewing within you.

You know I have launched the God Dream design Course: a high touch experience of discovering yourself and Him within you, just as Joel has discovered himself through Jesus, life experiences and dance.

It’s a healing journey and dance has such a power beyond most. I hope you treasure today’s insight just as I did.

Joel Casanova’s Bio:

Joél Casanova was born in Chicago, IL and raised in Dallas, TX. He started dancing HipHop at 11 years old and for the next 5 years danced on competition teams. By the age of 16, he was choreographing professionally. Joél move to Virginia Beach at 18 years old, where he pursed a BA in Journalism, was staffed at Academie de Ballet, and performed in theatrical dance productions with Masterworks USA. In addition, he received training in Ballet and Modern from Mr. Elbert Watson. Joél Casanova created and founded BeatHunter Dance, a headquarters for dance innovation, at age 20. At the same time, he wrote the Personal Kinetic Curriculum, which develops the personal style of dancers. Joél is a young dance professional with a deep passion for dance performance and instruction as well as writing and choreographing original dance productions.

Check out his Personal Kinetic Curriculum here 

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Show Notes: Dancing Into Your God Dream

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