We Get to Choose: A Coaches Perspective on the Role of Women – With Elizabeth Henson

role of womenToday we will learn more about the role of women from a coaching perspective. Today’s guest is a fellow passionista in all forms of the word. We both have a mastermind, collaboration women’s groups, we both coach, we both have podcasts and memberships.

Most would assume there would be a big red X over our relationship status or in the social media world it’d be “it’s complicated”.  I mean, How can 2 people doing seemingly similar things be working together to share ideas and conversation and even money?!

The over arching easy answer: We are co-creators! We know that there are plenty of pieces to the pie. We know that our end goal collectively and indidvidually is to help and grow and serve our communities whole-heartedly and well. We know that despite mental roadblocks that we all face, really on the daily, we just want to see you thrive in your passion and purpose and get out of your own way.

And so we both bring to the table our own flavors and in this podcast you truly get a sense of our uniqueness yet so many beautiful overlaps that help to serve our community at large well.

And so if you’re a woman looking to feel empowered, a woman looking to break chains off of self hindering mindsets, a woman raising babies and putting them first, a woman who is a visionary and yet has no means of action, a woman who has a dream but is scared to take the risk, if you’re an introvert or an extrovert, a 9 to 5 employee or a jump all in WAM – this podcast is for you! And if you don’t know what WAM is – this podcast is for you…

Excited to introduce you to my friend and fellow guru in #allthethings – Elizabeth Henson. Oh and she has a podcast too..so go listen to the Messy Success Podcast. You’ll love it too!

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Show Notes: A Coaches Perspective on the Role of Women

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