Not My Show: Christian Rap Artist, Corey Thomas

christian rapToday we are going to talk to Christian rap artist, Corey Thomas.

Oh, my gracious. I am still on a bit of a Jesus high, even just reflecting over this podcast you’re about to hear. I don’t know that I’m supposed to pick favorites…but people always ask me if they could listen to one which ONE would it be. Right now – THIS would be my one…but really each person brings their own goodness to the table…I think I’m just a bit on FIRE…

Which makes so much since after this conflagration. Ha as he said himself no this is not my speaking in tongues hahaha..this is a REAL word that means on fire or blazing and it’s the title to his next album!

That’s right, a Christian rap artist right here in the studio with me, coming to the mic in a different type of way than what he’s used to and BOY was it ON FIRE. His love for God, for people, for the Kingdom is utterly tangible and I believe this 4th album is going to not only ignite resting embers, it’s going to start new rampage wildfires across the nations.

Oh, and…Kanye believer or not, THIS guy is the REAL deal.

Tune in so you can ignite today…and my favorite part – he doesn’t need one second of the glory…it’s not his show – it’s a Jesus show.

So basically that means I had Jesus on the mic…whhhaattt

Listen to him here:

Connect with him here:

Show Notes: Christian Rap for Jesus

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