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Change Your View: Seeing Through The Lens of The Lord – With Joseph “Jay” Stallings

We’ve heard emotions are fleeting. But have you ever considered that those emotional decisions can cause lasting scars? Scars on the body, the mind, and the soul; not only on others, but also self-inflicted? It’s imperative when we are asked, when we are tossed to and fro, when we are rejected, when we are burnt, when we are hurt and broken and when we are lonely – that our actions and words come only after consultation. 

We are imperfect. There’s no getting around it. But we have the phone number, the hashtag, the google search bar to the one with the answers, the calm, the collected, the all knowing.

As today’s guest so solidly declared the truth that “No one has commodity over the voice of God”.  Ask and He will Answer. Seek and You will Find.  Instead of taking a monocular view on the situation, the relationship, the pain, or the problem, seek the binocular lens alongside our creator who will point your eyes in the direction of your intended path verse your emotional desire.

Sitting with a friend who I can equally call a pastor and brother, who’s music opens the minds and hearts of unbelievers, who’s life is a living testimony to God moves vs. man moves; I felt wiser after we ended the conversation. And my hope is that you will too.

Also listen until the end to tune in to Jay’s incredible voice and song Untainted Love.

And be sure to follow Jay to find where he will speak, sing, or share locally next – you will benefit from the overflow and surely gain a new binocular perspective on the heart of God.


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