Begin, Believe, Become; Be: Saying Yes To Your Health – With Hayley Perschau

healthSaying yes to our health can be hard. We just have to step out of our comfort zone to actually start in order to believe we are capable, in order to see the results, in order to understand that we already have the power within us and the tools on our belt to succeed.

After you begin the belief starts to set in. The beginning transformation initializes roots to form in the habit, in the practice, in the subconscious, and ultimately in the heart.

Once you believe, you step into the modification zone of fully becoming. The metamorphosis phases into the state of awe that is no longer simply internal, but has re-designed what onlookers see too.

Once you say yes to your health – you finally begin to be. Being is the state of knowing and recognizing. It’s the place of rest, but also the place of constant desire to BE the next best version of ourselves.

Today’s guest, Hayley Perschau, focuses her life around 3 key areas of constantly becoming. Being Present. Being Connected. And Being Authentic.


Tune in so you too can fully Be. And if anything, This may be the driving force to help you begin.


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Show Notes: Saying Yes to Your Health


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