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the messenger movement

Ep 448: Redefining the Mission: Introducing The Messenger Movement

Discover the transformative journey of Tamra Andress’ podcast as she announces the rebranding of The F.I.T. in Faith Podcast to ‘The Messenger Movement.’ Explore the evolution from a fitness-focused show to a platform dedicated to empowering messengers to spread biblical truth and catalyze collective action for the Gospel across diverse spheres of influence. Where to […]

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mind-body connection

Ep 447: Understanding the Mind-Body Connection | Tamra Andress & Cari Vann

Explore the profound journey of women’s health and wellness over 40 with Tamra Andress and special guest Cari Vann on The F.I.T. in Faith Podcast. From childhood struggles with body image to reclaiming vitality through mindful movement, nutrition, and spirituality, discover actionable insights to heal your body, mind, and spirit. Join us for an empowering […]

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Ep 446: How to Unlock Spiritual Encounter and Revival

Join Tamra Andress as she delves into a profound exploration of spiritual encounter and revival. Discover the power of hearing God’s voice, taking territory for His kingdom, and adopting a nomadic mindset for a ‘sent’ posture. Explore the keys to releasing generational bondage and equipping saints for kingdom advancement. Don’t miss out on actionable steps […]

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5 Reasons Consistent Podcasting Will Help Turn Your Business’ Message Into a Movement 

Over the past five years, the F.I.T. in Faith Podcast has had consistent weekly and multi-weekly output, with over 450 episodes produced to date. We’ve achieved over 175,000 downloads of our podcast, and rank in the top 0.3% globally in all business and faith podcasting categories.  This hasn’t happened by accident. It’s required consistent, diligent […]

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Ep 445: Mastering Leadership and Portfolio Entrepreneurship

Dive into an enlightening conversation between host Tamra Andress and special guest Jeremie Kubicek, entrepreneur and author, as they explore topics ranging from fulfilling potential to open-handed leadership. Discover practical strategies for managing multiple businesses, pricing services, and embracing a portfolio approach to entrepreneurship. Gain valuable insights on how to ground yourself spiritually, lead with […]

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Ep 444: How to Redefine the Client Relationship in Faith-Driven Business | Tamra Andress

Get a sneak peek into what Tamra teaches in this episode of The F.I.T. in Faith Podcast. Dive deep into the revolutionary ‘Hourglass Model’ designed to revolutionize client relationships within the realm of faith-driven business. In this immersive exploration, discover the intricate strategies and principles behind building lasting intimacy, cultivating lifetime value, and nurturing a […]

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faith-driven entrepreneurship

Ep 443: Beyond Wellness: My Journey in Faith-Driven Entrepreneurship | Tamra Andress & Ashley Grosch

Embark on a transformative journey with host Tamra Andress as she sits down with special guest Ashley Grosch, a passionate faith-based entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry. In this captivating episode, Ashley shares her remarkable 12-year journey, delving into her commitment to integrating bold faith into her business endeavors. From advocating for health freedom […]

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faith based business

Ep 442: Abiding in Christ: The Foundation for Faith Based Business

Dive into the profound insights shared by Tamra Andress in this enlightening episode of the F.I.T. in Faith Podcast, titled “Abiding in Christ: The Foundation for Faith Based Business.” Tamra unravels the essential principles underpinning the establishment of faith-based enterprises, emphasizing the pivotal role of abiding in Christ as the cornerstone for success. In this […]

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Ep 441: Growing Your Business with God with Krystal Parker

Join Tamra Andress and Krystal Parker as they uncover the spiritual insights behind growing your business and success. Delve into Krystal’s journey from corporate executive to Christian Chamber of Commerce leader, and learn how to integrate faith into every aspect of your business. From knowing your identity in Christ to working in unity with the […]

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seeds of multiplication

Ep 440: How to Plant Seeds of Multiplication As a Christian Entrepreneur

Join Tamra Andress as she delves into the transformative power of planting seeds of multiplication in your entrepreneurial journey. Drawing insights from biblical principles, Tamra explores the intersection of obedience, sacrifice, and divine guidance, empowering Christian entrepreneurs to cultivate abundance and impact in their businesses. LOVE this training? Watch the other parts of this training […]

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